Preparing an eBook for Kindle

26 May 2020

The Kindle is a revolutionary device that changes the reading habit of a lot of people including me recently. Everything works flawlessly when you purchase a book from the Amazon store.

Not every book exists in the store and sometimes you find the same book in a different vendor at a much cheaper price. The problem starts here. All the beauties of having kindle disappear in this situation. In this post, I will help you prepare your books for Kindle.

Step by step Instructions

  1. Download the book in any format you want. If you have a chance to download in .mobi format, prefer it. Because amazon’ e-book format, AZW, is based on Mobipocketformat.
  2. Add the book to Calibre app using the Add books button
  3. Click Convert book and convert it to AZW3 by choosing Output format: AZW3 (Be sure to select AZW3, not AZW)
  4. Click Edit metadata and remove all format but AZW3
  5. Click Download metadata on the same window and download necessary metadata.
  6. Be sure you don have any mobi-asin tags. You are allowed to have tags of isbn, amazon, google, and goodreads. NOTE: Use kindle version if you want to update your reading status at GoodReads from Kindle UI.
  7. Install Quality Check plugin inside the Calibre app
  8. Hit Quality Check > Fix > Fix ASIN for Kindle Fire. Don’t worry this will work for PaperWhite as well
  9. Eject the devices from File Manager and enjoy the full integration with GoodReads as if you have purchased through the Kindle store.

P.S. Never ever download warez book. It’s theft, but that doesn’t stop everyone. Some people claim that they can’t afford to pay for it, some just don’t care. Think about the author. Writing a book can take months if not years. So go head and buy it, even if you have downloaded it from somewhere first.

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