Why I chose Drupal for my personal website

Submitted by erdtsksn on Thu, 20/04/2017 - 02:07
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I've rebuilt this website a lot. Whenever I rebuilt this website, I used different technology. This post is about options and why I chose Drupal as my platform of choice. The answer is simple. The best way is the one you know. When someone ask me about which one is the best for x, I usually respond as the one you know or the one your friends use.

There are a ton of posts on the CMS wars, i.e. why Wordpress is superior than Drupal, Why Joomla is sucks and Drupal is the best, etc. I think compare them doesn't really help. Here is three main reasons why I chose Drupal:


Drupal's power lies in its modularity: Nearly everything is a module. But great power comes at a price: First, there a huge learning curve, but I think this is not a problem if you are a tech geek like me :) and second There's no out-of-the-box solution with Drupal. You can build basically anything or everything thanks to Drupal's initial "blank canvas" principle.


I host this website on a shared hosting, so performance is one of my big interests. Drupal was built with enterprise needs in mind, so the Drupal community and developers have a lot of interest in performance. I know It's nearly impossible to properly compare the performance of CMS, because it depends on the configuration and installed modules, plugins etc. But general idea about performance is that Drupal is the king.


You sometimes need help even if you are a talented developer. Each CMS has developers and users, making it easy to find free support. Also paid support is available

It is not the quantity but the quality of knowledge which determines the mind's dignity. William Ellery Channing

There is a huge misconception about the most popular CMS has the largest community for help. Size matters, but quality is more important. The community of Drupal is very strong. I think Drupal cares deeply about the community.


Every CMS out there has some problems. I prefer Drupal for this website. Drupal is a good tool, but not the one. I realized that Drupal is not for everyone. Drupal offers a lot of features out of the box. It is a flexible system. Once you master the basic, you can virtually create any type of website using it. Understanding which CMS is the right for your project will save you both time and money. Before jump into Drupal, you definitely should check out bad side or problems of Drupal.

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